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Normann Gravis | Techno Live-act, Tech House DJ, Producer

Normann Gravis (Photo: Ronny Däubel (STUDIOLINE PHOTOGRAPHY Dresden)

Normann Gravis, Techno live-act, Techno DJ, Producer and Remixer from Berlin, Germany wants to riffle the cards of the club scene. “It’s time to re-ShuffleThe Cards!” He was always touring under a different synonym successful as an artist through the German clubs, since January 2013 he has even bigger plans. Actually he is known the last 18 years as Norris Terrify, owner founder of ASYNCRON. As Normann Gravis he join the international stages.

His debut-release from February 2013 “Shuffle The Cards” made it in the first week into the official White Noise playlist of Dave Clarke’s radio show and in the feature-list of the DJ platform Trackitdown.


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Biographie and his latest tweets

He was born in Gera, in the East of Germany, in 1982 and moved to Dresden in 1993. There his career began in the Industrial Area of Dresden in 1996. In this time Dresden has had a special underground Techno Scene where people came from everywhere to see artists like Jeff Mills, DJ Rush, Dave Clarke, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, and Westbam. These artists influenced him greatly. In the end of the 90's, he decided to start as a deejay. It followed different deejay contests in yesteryear trendy party location ‘Spinnerei Straße E’ in Dresden, where he came under the first three. One year later, it was 2001, Normann founded his event agency Asyncron® Entertainment for making his own events.

His desire to release own music were increasing. Three years later he made his debut as a Hard-Techno live-act. His special live-sets were soon the talk of the scene. Until today, his decision to change from deejay to life act was crucial to his career as an artist. In the following years he organized many electronic events in Dresden. He was initiator and technical leader of the legendary ‘Club Seidenfabrik’ in Pirna and club owner of the ‘Industriehallen Lohrmannstrasse’ in Dresden, too. These projects were also known as ‘Plastix’ from 2000 until 2007. In 2005 he released his first white label vinyl as Mr. Postman ‘Mr. Postman EP’.

Sixteen years after his debut as deejay, he has a re-booking rate of 100 percent. He has advanced to be one of the most appreciated life acts of the East German Techno Scene. In January 2013 he founded his own record label Asyncron® Recordings and a new music project with the name ‘Normann Gravis’. Under these both projects he is releasing Techno and Tech House stuff.

Normann has played as Norris Terrify in more than 120 national clubs (Tresor Berlin, Butan Wuppertal, Fusion Club Münster, Strasse E Dresden, …) as well as on the most popular German electronic festivals like the Nature One, Sonne Mond Sterne, Summer Spirit, Stereo City, Airbeat One, Helene Beach and Sunside Festival. His Tracks are released on labels like: SevenEves, Killaz, Error, ZYX Music, Chemikal Beatz
Belgium, Get In Shape, Rohrmusik, Asyncron® Recordings, Ego Plastix and BRB-Digital.

Beside his work as a deejay he is a recognized Mastering-engineer for many artists and record labels.
[STATE: 05-2018]